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Chaos Survival Skills


    This course covers some of the primary ways that you can use to survive chaos when it finds you. The purpose of this unit is to ingrain and sort through your instinctual responses, refine them, and begin to use them to your advantage. It’s a far better process to piggy-back onto instinct, rather then to try and fight against it.

    Course Curriculum

    Instincts and Reactions Explained 00:00:00
    A discussion of instinct and defensive responses to surviving chaos.
    Defensive Reactions
    The Shield 00:03:00
    Shield Wall 00:30:00
    Spear 00:03:00
    Defensive Avoidance
    Avoiding Attacks 00:05:00
    Learning to use our defensive reactions to evade attacks.
    Sitting in the Chaos 00:04:00

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