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Elbow Striking

Detailed instruction on elbow striking. Includes demonstrations on heavy bags and thai pads.


This is a fundamentals course to teach the basic use and implementation of elbow striking for purposes of self-protection. It will cover the basic mechanisms for delivery, power, and types of elbows you can use.

This is a required course for those wishing to move on to any of the more advanced Guerrilla Self-Protection courses.

Course Curriculum

Elbow Introduction 00:00:00
Upward Elbow 00:04:00
The Upward or Vertical elbow strike is most often used against the chin and the arms of an attacker but simply raising your elbow forward and upward, but learning power with it is a different story.
Downward Elbow 00:04:00
This is sometimes used at times where there is not a lot of space to strike with the hand because perhaps the attacker is too close. However, you still need to defend yourself so sometimes this elbow comes in handy. 
Diagonal Elbow 00:02:00
Outward & Inward Elbow 00:03:00
Horizontal Elbow 00:00:00
The Horizontal Elbow strike is detailed out to show you the mechanics of powerful hitting.
Overturned Elbow 00:04:00
Used on an angle when the attacker is close but not aligned directly in front of you.
Back Elbow 00:02:00
The back elbow, is an elbow used when you want to strike backwards using the back portion of the elbow to inflict disrupt, stun, or damage an attacker. Watch the video to learn proper use, power development, and ideas on ways to practice. 

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