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Power Development for Strikes

Powerful striking is a necessary component when your life is in danger. Don’t miss the opportunity to understand hitting with stopping power!


This course is meant to teach people the foundations they can use and develop to have real fight-stopping power. Topics covered include some footwork, body mechanics, transferring power, expansion and contraction, the elements of power, torque, spatial awareness and manipulation, close quarters hitting, and a variety of different tools.

Because this is a mini-course, not all topics will be discussed in depth. If you want to learn more about any of the other topics that are discussed you may need to look into some of the other mini-courses. For example, while the needed footwork is demonstrated, an in-depth mini-course exists that covers only the footwork for those who want to broaden their understanding and fully grasp that topic.

Course Curriculum

Power Mechanics
Mechanics of Power Hitting 00:00:00
The mechanics of powerful striking—the kind that stops fights— can be best understood by developing the foundation of great mechanics. 
Examples of Power Hitting
Hor. Elbow Power Details 00:00:00
This unit breaks down details of getting the horizontal elbow mastered with power.
Connecting the Hor. Elbow to Hook Punch 00:00:00
Understanding the fundamental body mechanics of striking or hitting is a needed component of power development. This unit breaks it all down into the fundamental components and then provides demonstration in several different methods from solo to training partner.
Power Striking Unlimited
Other Examples of Power Hitting 00:00:00
Examples of hitting with power demonstrated at various speeds and configurations on different heavy bags.

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  1. Very helpful for learning to generate power!


    As someone with no experience in combatives or the martial arts, this course was exactly what I was looking for to learn the mechanics of generating power in my strikes. I like the breakdown of the elements: the footwork, use of the hips & shoulders and examples of working with a heavy bag or partner. Has definitely made a difference in my daily training.

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