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The Woman’s Core Course

This is a course that is designed to introduce people to the simplest form of physical self protection skills. It is not a complete study but useful for those who choose not to practice more and for weekend type training events.


    This is a course that is designed to specifically address the physical needs of women to fight back against assault. It is not meant to address the skills of prevention but only as a means of preparation to physically resist violence, abuse, and predation.

    • It is meant as a course in fundamentals that anyone can benefit from.
    • It is meant to give you practical and direct skills that you can use without a lot of training.
    • It includes becoming familiar with the necessary components of fighting back from mentality to physical responses utilizing the most powerful tools in your arsenal to the weakest targets of the attacker.

    Principles and strategies are discussed to get you developing tactics on the fly.

    Course Curriculum

    Boundary Setting
    The Elbow
    Horizontal Elbow 00:00:00
    The Horizontal Elbow strike is detailed out to show you the mechanics of powerful hitting.
    Upward Elbow 00:04:00
    The Upward or Vertical elbow strike is most often used against the chin and the arms of an attacker but simply raising your elbow forward and upward, but learning power with it is a different story.
    Back Elbow 00:02:00
    The back elbow, is an elbow used when you want to strike backwards using the back portion of the elbow to inflict disrupt, stun, or damage an attacker. Watch the video to learn proper use, power development, and ideas on ways to practice. 
    Downward Elbow 00:04:00
    This is sometimes used at times where there is not a lot of space to strike with the hand because perhaps the attacker is too close. However, you still need to defend yourself so sometimes this elbow comes in handy. 
    Overturned Elbow 00:04:00
    Used on an angle when the attacker is close but not aligned directly in front of you.
    Diagonal Elbow 00:02:00
    Hammer Fist
    The Hammer Fist 00:04:00
    This takes the basic instinctual method to the next level by teaching how to strike with more skill using a more relaxed hand, rotation, and flow considerations.
    Supported Hammer Fist 00:02:00
    The Supported Hammer Fist is a hammer fist variation that uses both hands for power. Much like the swing of a racquet or a baseball bat this hit uses the entire body when done well.
    Palm Striking 00:03:00
    The Palm Strike and more accurately the Palm Heel Strike is useful in places where you are afraid to hurt your fist or that the positions and space are more suited for this kind of strike. You should try to use the base of the palm for this strike and many times it will be delivered as a thrust. 
    Generating Powerful Strikes 00:07:00
    It'll take a little practice but it's possible to create devastating power from 0 space when you compress and use footwork as well as body torque.
    Hor. Elbow Power Details 00:00:00
    This unit breaks down details of getting the horizontal elbow mastered with power.
    Other Examples of Power Hitting 00:00:00
    Examples of hitting with power demonstrated at various speeds and configurations on different heavy bags.
    Mechanics of Power Hitting 00:00:00
    The mechanics of powerful striking—the kind that stops fights— can be best understood by developing the foundation of great mechanics. 
    Basic Explosive Footwork 00:06:00
    Simple Introduction to Explosive Footwork for Power Generation
    Compression 00:05:00
    Discussing methodology and need for compression in close quarters hitting, best practices, and alternative methods.
    Wrist and Arm Grabs 00:00:00
    Learning to breakaway from wrist and arm grabs.
    Hair Pull 00:00:00
    An inevitable issue to deal with is the hair pull. There are a lot of ways to deal with it.
    Front Choke 00:06:00
    Being choked can be a frightening experience and difficult to deal with when you try to match power with a stronger person.
    Arm Around 00:00:00
    Another scenario—there are many but most are variations. A few are unique enough to show the considerations.
    Bear Hug 00:02:00
    The waist grab or the "bear hug" is a real thing. Create space. Use structure.
    ECQ Striking Demonstration 00:06:00
    Anti-Tackle 00:00:00
    Fight From The Ground 00:00:00
    Imminent Threat
    L5 De-escalation 00:30:00
    L5 Threat Disruption 00:30:00
    Primary Targets 00:00:00
    Secondary Targets 00:03:00
    Improvised Weapons
    Concepts of Improvised Weapons 00:00:00
    Examples of Improvised Weapons 00:00:00
    Legal Considerations
    Self-Defense 00:00:00
    Verbalizing Threat 00:00:00
    Post Event Care
    Triage 00:00:00
    Evidence 00:00:00

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